September 8th 2011.

This evening Pat and I visited a developing Circle in Wales.

The private home circle consists of seven sitters, all being established friends, and all having strong mediumistic abilities.  These people meet twice weekly for the purpose of supporting communication with the spirit world and enabling the development and stable demonstration of physical phenomena. Not surprisingly, for the past year they have been witnessing an impressive display of physical phenomena within their dedicated seance room. Tonight Pat and I were delighted to have been invited to join them.
May we thank Gareth and Nicola and everyone concerned for the friendly welcome offered to us, you are lovely people and we look forward to sharing smiles with you for a long time to come.

As we entered the seance room the atmosphere was energy-filled.  There was a circular table in the centre of the room with chairs placed all around it.  I was invited to sit between John, an established channel for spirit communication, and Nicola...who I felt to have potential for direct voice development (we had met previously).

The evening was hosted by Gareth....who opened the seance with a prayer. Soft music was playing and within a few moments I felt the table vibrate and move slightly.  I became aware that both John and Nicola were experiencing spirit control (some degree of trance).  I should add now, for those who don't already know this, that I have been a Circle leader myself for five years I have the strong  support of a spirit guide, FC, when in seance conditions.

A few more minutes passed and the table became further animated.  It rocked, swayed and turned before lifting to shoulder height, forcing the sitters to stand.  A similar dramatic demonstration was repeated later in the evening...for those that missed it the first time!  Each demonstration was accompanied by a "let's party!" feeling.  The table appears to bow and turn and take on a life of its own!  The demonstration was a fantastic challenge to the validity of the currently recognised laws of physics.

I had been invited to this Circle to offer them guidance along their forward path.  Frankly, having witnessed the impressive table display I felt totally redundant!  However...FC was with me and following the first of these table demonstrations I was encouraged to ask a question of the controlling spirit team.  This first question seemed to pull a plug and I felt a rush of others flowing from FC towards the unseen receivers.  The table reacted and responded in a controlled manner to each question I asked.  In this manner information was gathered.  This is, roughly, how things proceeded:

I first asked permission to ask questions, to which table agreed and appropriately and clearly responded. I (and the circle) learned that two of the mediums present are key to the work with the table….John being the main channel.  As I came to understood it,  the energy runs to him from the sitters and through him back to the table. John is an established spiritual healer with many years experience…so energy flows readily through his hands. 
FC then explained to me that the music needed to remain soft (due to Nicola's trance state needing to be heard).  I therefore asked some questions relating to her potential development and it subsequently became confirmed that Nic has potential for direct voice development and that it may be helpful for her to sit within a cabinet area during seance.  Further information was offered by FC, in that one particular sitters would be best placed if seated diagonally across from the cabinet area.  This suggestion had been received from a spirit guide within the circle on a previous occasion so FC's support was readily accepted.
FC then suggested to me that sitters hands might be laid palms-up on the table through a certain piece of music.  When I passed this information on to 'the table', approval was received.  One of the regular circle sitters then said that this idea had also been suggested previously by one of their guides…so FC’s suggestion was confirmation.  I was pleased that FC had been able to again confirm and support information previously received and trust that the circle now feels the confidence to move forward.
I felt a pressing issue coming to the fore.  I felt that the circle, and Gareth in particular, wasn’t sure whether to stick with the table, or switch to supporting Nicola sitting for development within the cabinet….or whether it could all be done at once. As this issue pressed itself upon me and I was preparing to ask the question,  Nic was thrown into trance and I heard the familiar ectoplasmic gurgle beside me…John was already in trance and well-connected to the table…which promptly rose in the air and danced! In fact…all was being done at the same time!!! Gareth had his answer! 
In all the evening was fantastic!  Pat and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  My belief in (wrong word)…my respect for…FC was boosted as his suggestions were validated one after another.  I was delighted that he was able to confirm guidence previously offered by the circle's own guides, as this will give them the confidence they need to move forward.
We will, of course, be staying in touch and look forward to many more shared experiences as we tread our spiritual journey.
Chris Di Nucci


Chris asks a question of the spirit team and receives response through the table:

The table levitates and energy taps are heard.  Knocks are also heard from within the room:

NOTE:  These recordings are taken from within the seance and are offered widely to others for their interest.

With respect for the wishes of this small private home circle, who prefer to retain confidentiality for their group, the full length seance recording is made available only to regular members of the Bristol Spirit Lodge circle.